This year's honey harvest netted about 115 pounds (about 38 quarts) of honey.

This is the first year that Madeleine was able to suit up and see the action up close (no, she's not pulling frames out of boxes quite yet). She is very well versed in the vocabulary of beekeeping and she was enthralled earlier this season to see a queen bee up close for the first time.

This harvest is also the first time that we've saved the wax cappings because  Ann wants to try making some beeswax candles.

We've gotten the harvesting process down much smoother now. We did the harvest in 8 hours flat (!), by far our fastest time.   A big part of that has been minimizing the number of people present.  That especially helped in the cleanup process, as more people present means more sticky honey on the bottom of people's feet, the floor, the counters, doorknobs, and every last surface in our neighbors' house where we do the extraction.

10/14/2012 04:59:06 pm

She looks so amazingly cute in the suit! Ellie is almost out of it, as I discovered yesterday. Let me know how the wax processing thing goes.

10/15/2012 04:40:52 am

Love these pics! Thanks for sharing. Do you run low on jars to fill with that good stuff? If I lived close to you, I would so gladly be supplying you with glass jars as my cabinets are overflowing these days!


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