Ann is helping coordinate the second annual bicycle tour of Alameda chicken coops, which is scheduled for Sunday, May 16 at 1pm. It will also be stopping at our house.

The idea came up last year on the Alameda Backyard Chickens Group, and we had about 50 folks attend last year with no publicity. We're expecting a much bigger turnout this year, now that it's being promoted in area newspapers and blogs (it should be in the Chronicle's 96 Hours section this week).

The tour will start at 448 Lincoln Avenue, where a map will be provided. The route is about 4.5 miles long and will end at 1342 Grove Street.

Join us for a fun afternoon and spread the word!

P.S. Ann will also be teaching her introductory class on raising chickens this summer.  If you're thinking about getting chickens or know someone who is, it's a great way to get started.

Sarah in Sugarcreek
10/15/2012 04:38:21 am

Dear Ann, love the blog. Will send photos soon, was wondering if you could post your intro class on chickens on youtube, I'd love to learn. We're moving to the Ann Arbor area this summer and I'd like to see how easy it is to have chicken. Love your haircut!
Love, sarah


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