Our contractor could not come out to seal the entry points to our attic until one week after we trapped the rat (as detailed in the previous post).  All was quiet until the night before he came, when we again heard movement in the attic.

As some of my friends reminded me, rats are excellent swimmers.  One friend who lives in Alameda facing the estuary actually saw a rat swim to shore (a day or two after we dropped our critter off on the otehr side).  I wonder if it found its way back.

Since the live trap didn't work this time around, we had to resort to snap traps.  It took a little while, but we now have a rat-free attic again.
We forgot to post these last month, but better late than never.  Our friend Judy took this picture, as well as a few of the others from this month.

One day the week before Christmas in the late afternoon, we heard our chickens freak out (squawk and scatter/run/fly).  When we looked out out back window over the deck we saw a big hawk fly to a perch in one of our trees, right about at our eye level.  Unfortunately, by the time I grabbed my camera, it was gone.

Then I went out and counted all four of our chickens, with no apparent damage.  Three of them had run under our deck for cover, and the fourth was next to our front gate (I guess it decided to run the other direction). More than a year ago our neighbor thought he saw a hawk take off from our neighboring fence after checking out the chickens, but we hadn't had any problems since then.

If cats have nine lives, I wonder how many chickens get. 
Madeleine is six months old today.  Everyone said the time would move quickly, and it was here before we knew it.  We're working on child-proofing the house, as she is contemplating crawling. She's also getting increasingly interested in the food we're eating...Guess after six months of nothing but breast milk she's ready for some variety. Avocados will be her first solid food. We're trying to make sure she doesn't hit 20 years old before trying them (as Ann did).

Here are some pictures from her sixth month.