We are sad to announce that we are no longer chicken farmers here in Alameda. After a fun three year experiment of raising hens in our backyard, we've decided we'd like to reclaim the space so that Madeleine can play outside without sinking to her knees in chicken manure. So we sent out an e-mail to other people we know in Alameda who raise chickens, which made its way to the Alameda Backyard Chickens Yahoo! group

Within a week we had takers for our faithful egg layers, Annie, Omelette, Wiggly, and Joy. Joy went to a household just six blocks from us, and the other three moved a few miles from here where they joined a flock of 13 hens.

As our egg ticker reports, the girls faithfully produced 1,914 eggs while they were under our care.  We aren't happy that we have to buy eggs again (we were shocked at the price of organic eggs when we bought our first dozen from the store recently), but we are glad to not have to wipe chicken poop off our shoes, clean out the coop, and keep up with food and water. We do plan to raise chickens again after we re-landscape our backyard and figure out a better system for confining them to a part of the yard. Our hope is to get more day-old chicks in another year or so and let Madeleine watch them grow.