We are pleased to announce that after a long hiatus, some of our most popular site features have returned.

Our live chicken cam is now back online and perched on the edge of our coop peering in through the chicken wire.  We may be tweaking it over the next few days to try to get the best angle.  The chickens have free range of the corner of our yard during the day, but they come back into the coop to lay, eat, and drink.  The nest boxes (where they lay) are directly ahead, with the water dispenser above it.  Their food dispenser is to the left.

We also have our egg ticker back in the right column of every page.  Take a look... it's okay, I'll wait.  That's showing the total counts laid by our current flock to date.  You can also see the full calendar with eggs laid each day for our current flock (calendar for our first flock ishere).  You can see how long it took before each flock started laying and on the older calendar the variation in laying rates by season. 

Ann's been particularly excited with this flock to watch the laying progress ("Quiche is back in the nest box again."), so I presume she'll be keeping the new calendar up-to-date.

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