Now, I know this is a family blog and all, but this seemed like something that we needed to share here.  You see, Ann has been leaving bed in the early morning (at least for her) to have plant sex.

You'd think that having two bee hives in the immediate vicinity would be enough to get adequate pollination of our squash and zucchini, but Ann has been dissatisfied.  So, taking a cue from our next-door neighbor, she has been taking a small artist's paintbrush in hand and pollinating manually.

Squash, zucchini, and other vine fruit produce both male and female flowers on the same plant and pollen from the male flowers has to get to the female flowers for them to turn into fruit.  So the process is to "tickle" the stamen in a male flower and then "tickle" the tip of the pistil in a female flower.  This has to be done when you catch both of them open, usually requiring an early morning hour.

After she returns to bed, I usually only get a grunt in response to my query of whether it was "good for you."

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