During the last quarter year of Madeleine's life she has proven to be an absolute delight. She has officially toddled into toddler-hood and is supremely proud of her new walking (and running) skills. What can we say? At 15 months old she's already a budding soccer star. She LOVES to dribble the soccer ball all the way around the block.

On other developmental fronts, Madeleine likes to show off her knowledge of sign language (more, eat, drink, cheese, hot, sleep, all done, milk, etc).  She is curious, playful, sweet, and good-humored. She can also be insistent when she knows what she wants. We think she would make a great traffic cop—"pointing and grunting "Go there! No, not that way, this way! Now!" Madeleine has also graduated to her first household chore: feeding the chickens. She adores this task we've set her.

After being sick on her first year birthday, Madeleine was able to celebrate in style on her 13 month birthday.  It even worked out that her Midwest grandparents could be here for it!

This past month Madeleine was baptized at St. Columba Catholic Church in Oakland. It was a wonderful experience having an aware, alert 14 month old baptized - we're glad we waited past the newborn stage. She was happily passed up and down the pew between her three godparents and her grandparents before she had water poured on her head. Rather than being frightened, she was just really, really interested in what the priest was doing. She also wanted to play with the chrism oil, the baptismal candle, and the seashell used to pour the water.  Her Grandma Naffziger made her baptismal dress as a  gift since she couldn't  be with us on the day of the baptism. 

New photos are here.  Photos of the baptism are here.

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