Madeleine (more and more often being called Maddy recently) is changing dramatically each week now. After a scary bout with pneumonia this past month, she is back to her playful self again. She is scooting and crawling all over the house and loves to play "catch" with one of her various balls. Ann is pleased to see that she seems to have produced a left-hander (which will save her the trouble of teaching her to switch hit in a few years.)

A few other things of note: Madeleine already likes more vegetables than Ann did by the time she went to college, although breastmilk is still her favorite food of choice.

One of her favorite past times is watching our four chickens: Annie, Omelette, Wiggly, and Joy. Since we don't have a television, we call this "chicken TV" since it can entertain her endlessly. We think she'll speak chicken before she speaks English.

Her penchant for 30 minute naps continues, much to our consternation.

By pre-arrangement, our little girl gets two hours of Daddy's undivided attention each morning while Mommy gets to stay in bed.

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