Madeleine has hit the nine month mark, and as you can see, she's pretty excited about eating solid foods.  Some highlights from this month:

  • First Easter egg hunt.  She wasn't very interested in the searching part, but did like playing with the eggs and our tie-dye-clad friend Randall.
  • Excitedly throwing balls.  As well as plastic Easter eggs and other toys...
  • Practice wearing a bike helmet.  We've been putting on her helmet occasionally so she'll be ready to start riding behind mom in a trailer.  We usually wear ours, too, and play catch with her on the floor.
  • Eating.  At a retreat we recently went on, she actually ate artichoke off the leaves (no, she's not eating a pickle in that picture).
  • Speed crawling.  Madeleine has mastered the art of getting around on her hands and knees.  Particularly amusing is when she makes a determined break for something on the other side of the house.
  • Visits from all the grandparents.  She charms them every time.
  • Riding on dad's shoulders.  She gets quite excited by this, too.  This now is accompanied with pulling off glasses and tasting his hair.
More photos are here.

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