Lots of people keep asking about our birthing tub—what does it look like, how does it work, how big is it, etc.  We rented an AquaDoula tub from someone in Oakland.  Basically it's like a collapsible small hot tub. We set it up in the corner of our bedroom and filled it for a trial run recently.

It takes about an hour to fill it with hot water, from a hose run from the kitchen sink. There is a heater we plug in to maintain the temperature at around 100 degrees.  When you're done with it, you pump out the water through the same hose (our new Fuji apple tree got a good drink when we emptied it the other day).

It's an option to give birth inside the tub, although we're imagining just using it for during contractions leading up to the birth.

There are several folks in the East Bay that rent them and they are becoming more and more popular because women attest that they ease labor pains and make it easier for them to feel comfortable by taking the sensation of their extra weight off.

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