KGO 7 news has finally aired their news story on the urban chickens trend... which features us!  (They were supposed to give us a heads-up before it aired, but fortunately it's available online.)

We volunteered when we heard on the Oakland Pet Chickens Meet-Up Group that they were looking for people to interview.  They came out last month to interview us and got some good shots of Madeleine.

Then a couple weeks ago they came back again so that KGO anchor Dan Ashley could do his little blurb about BackyardChickens.com andBackyard Poultry magazine in front of our house.  They came back for the talent, of course—to try to get the chickens in the shot as Dan talked.

But that also meant a big opportunity for me as an official chicken wrangler.  The chickens were not so impressed by Dan and the camera, and were more intent on scratching around for worms.  So they asked me if I could keep coaxing the chickens back toward Dan while I stayed off camera.  It was more like throwing them back in the shot.  It took somewhere around 20 takes for Dan to get through the copy.

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