Paul's community website for city of Alameda residents is now open to the public!  Neighboring.com gathers all kinds of online information about Alameda so people can "meet the neighborhood."

The site allows people to browse and subscribe to information...

  • within a few blocks of their home (e.g. police & fire reports, real estate activity, and yard sales).
  • associated with businesses, places, and other organizations near them (e.g. mentions in local news/blogs, Facebook posts, and web reviews).
  • associated with local topics they care about (e.g. political issues, hobbies, kinds of businesses).
  • posted by their neighbors (e.g. items for sale, discussions, and comments).
The best way to learn more is to watch the video below.

The site is in "open beta," which means there's a lot more to come, but it's ready for users and their feedback.  If you live in Alameda, check it out!

Elizabeth Mendana Shaw
10/14/2012 04:56:19 pm

Hi gang! Your site is looking awesome! Congratulations on getting Neighboring up and running. Your garden is so lush, your children are so beautiful...I am deeply inspired right now.


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