We've been meaning to write a "Rachel is Two Months Old" blog for the last month, but the diaper changes, extra laundry, and hours of rocking to sleep got the best of us and now Rachel is three months old. She is a great smiler, a good nighttime sleeper (she still likes those half hour naps during the day, however), and a fairly calm baby. Occasionally she does feel the need to scream for a bit, we think to steal some of the attention from her big sister.

She's had several big outings for so early in her life: Ardenwood Farms, two Oakland A's games, the Oakland zoo, etc. Madeleine is excited at Rachel's increasing interactive nature and is eager for a time when she can play with her more purposefully.

We've posted new photos here.

Month 2:

Month 3:

10/20/2012 07:59:48 am

Paul, keep up the great work! Bees, chickens, newborns, working... I know how much effort all of that is!


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